ABOUT OUR SERVICES: The graphic art services and now in 2017 fine art prints and sale of original ART will stilled be executed under the name of my business  TOSCH STUDIO. All illustration or fine art painting shown is copyrighted by Jaime R. Tosch.

I, Jaime R. Tosch, (the Artist) will executed, art directed, design and illustrated, unless otherwise noted all of the graphic services.  Our services will be to create art and prepare the digital files for print, advertising ads, signage and all web platforms. The products may include logos, postcards, brochures, posters, calendars, covers for magazines or newspapers, Facebook or Twitter banners. This design covers have been done mostly for publication using photos.

My vendor’s list are: web printers, (this method is used when you want a publication produce on newspaper) offset and digital printers, sign makers, photographers, writers, editors, translators,  SEO consultants, social media consultants, and web developers.

All my vendors are from California.

We recommend that your business should have a website first before advertising in print. We are here to help.



TOSCH STUDIO is in Sacramento, CA, but we can come and visit your company and discuss your graphic needs in Northern California.

My ideas and concepts with new paper materials for printing whether offset or digital is well versed. Designing promotional material for the social media, advertising for both print or web and my skill to illustrate it in various styles could enhance your next project.

Remember, just because you now have a website, even if you upgrade your branding with SEO and the social media, a company small or large still needs a well design business card as well as other products to brand your name.  It must be readable and visible.